Jump Starting Your Car

It's important to always keep jumper cables in your car so that you won't be stranded if you end up with a dead battery. A dead battery in a car can occur for a few different reasons, but you can usually tell that the battery is dead if you try to start the car and nothing happens. Sometimes you might hear a few clicks, but it doesn't get much further than that.

Although inconvenient, the good news is that a dead car battery can be a fairly easy fix. Here is how to jump start your car:

Step 1: Call a friend and ask them to pull their vehicle next to yours so that the jumper cables can reach both vehicles.

Step 2: Pop the hoods of the vehicles and connect the positive lead (red) to the red terminal on the working battery and the other positive lead (red) to the red terminal of the battery that is dead.

Step 3: Connect the negative lead (black) to the negative terminal of the working battery.

Step 4: Connect the remaining lead to a bolt away from the dead battery.

Step 5: Have your friend start their engine, and let it run for about 60 seconds.

Step 6: Try to start your vehicle. If the car doesn't start, repeat step 5.

Step 7: Once your vehicle is running, leave the engines running for a few minutes to charge the battery.

Step 8: Remove the jump leads, making sure they don't touch each other or any other metal surfaces until it has been completely detached.

Step 9: Be sure to drive the vehicle that had the dead battery for about 30 minutes to ensure that the battery fully recharges.

If your vehicle doesn't restart after completing the above steps, or if the battery dies often, it's time to get your vehicle checked by a trusted service advisor.

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