How to Care for Your Car

Your car is a very complicated contraption. It's important to be knowledgeable in how to manage it. At Ken Garff Ford we are proud to announce our series of videos that will help you tackle many of the basic car maintenance tasks by yourself.

It is necessary to listen to manufacturer guidelines for scheduled car maintenance. Preventative maintenance will avoid costly repairs in the future. Some of these things, such as changing your oil and checking tire pressure, can even be done by yourself. Keep an eye on changes in how your car feels, sounds, and smells. If you notice any adjustments, have it checked out to be aware of potential problems before a breakdown. 

Be a responsible driver and be careful on your car. Hard braking and quick accelerating will slowly wear away at your gas mileage and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Although wear and tear is inevitable with every vehicle, being a careful driver will help this.

Check out our clips so you can learn more about car service from our experts.
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